Ratings and Handicaps

Australian Sailing CBH Rating

The Australian Sports Boat Association has adopted CBH Rating run by Australian Sailing as its primary rating system. The changed from Yacht Rating Services Australia's SMS Rating to Australian Sailing's CBH Rating was approved by the ASBA Members at a Special general Meeting on the 24th November 2022 as the members agreed that the CBH rating system would suit the changing needs of the ASBA.

The Class Based Handicap (CBH) formula has now been updated to align it with World Sailing’s Equipment Rules definitions and remedy some other previously identified issues. This change will ensure the rating is more inclusive, allowing a wider range of Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Classes access to a CBH rating.

As a result of the changes to the model and definitions the Trailable Yacht & Sports Boat Rule has been amended to reflect these changes and has now become the CBH Rating System.

In addition, the National Committee has been disbanded and the CBH ratings function will be administered internally by Australian Sailing staff. Australian Sailing will also coordinate the hosting of the National Championships, in line with the way other Australian Sailing events are managed.

The new Rating System is intended to

• Provide a National System for even and fair racing on handicap in a mixed fleet of Trailable Yachts and / or Sports Boats
• Ensure transparency across the rating system 
• Allow Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat owners to gain a new CBH at any time of the year
• Support Australian Sailing in its work to promote Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat racing activities within the states and territories and at national level.

For all the information on Australian Sailing CBH rating, application and rating list, head over to their resource's website

Sailing Australia has also created several resources to help owners with the transition to CBH:

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ASBA LTP Handicap

The Australian Sports Boat Association has adopted ASBA LTP as a secondary handicapping system. ASBA LTP is a performance handicap system developed by Top Yacht. A boat’s ASBA LTP Handicap will adjust over the course of an ASBA regatta and recalculated after each ASBA regatta and displayed ready for the next regatta.

The ASBA Handicaps are based on the long-term performance of the Sports Boat. If a Sports Boat does not have a ASBA LTP Handicap a starting handicap will be allocated be the ASBA committee. This handicap is applied to the elapsed time of the boat to obtain its corrected time for the race.

The ASBA has seen a need to create a performance handicap system for the fleet and working with Top Yacht the ASBA LTP Handicap was best suited as it does not just use results over a few races. The long term considers results over a longer period of time to make the best average handicap. This takes out the highs and lows that some performance handicaps can have. The Australian Sports Boat Association's committee discusses feedback from members and presents this to the Top Yacht’s Handicapping Committee to get the best out of the handicap system. A list of boats and handicaps have been compiled by Top Yacht. Boats and their handicaps get added and updated by Top Yacht as they sail with the fleet.

Current Boat ASBA LTP Handicaps