Summer on the Lake!

Variety Splash 2013

With the 14-15 sailing season about to kick off in most Australian States this weekend, ASBA is keen to spread the word on any Sports Boat specific racing at your club. President of the Australian Melges 24 Association, Dave Young (No Comment), is driving a new sprint series on Lake Macquarie being run from the LMYC. 
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How’s the Diversity? – Women in Sports Boats

ASBA National Championships 2014

Emily Pettersson sending it on The Ducks Nuts

Many times, over many years, I’ve often wondered why there is an imbalance in our sport.

Why, is there not more females out sailing?

How’s the Diversity? 

It’s not as if you have to be Arnie to go for a yacht or the male of the species has a  mortgage on the ability to think, drink rum and beer. Continue Reading →


2014 Heaven Can Wait …….until 2015

2015 HCW Poster 1CThe Heaven Can Wait race is a favourite of Sports Boat sailors and some would argue, a reason behind Zippier’s Nationals win in 2013 – they broke their mast at the 2012 HCW. 

A multifaceted event starting from one lap of Lake Macquarie to 24 hours of laps of Lake Macquarie, the HCW is traditionally run in October each year. As they say, a change is as good as a holiday and the organisers have moved the 2014 race to 2015. February 21-22, 2015 to be precise.  

The HCW is also a charity event. Not only do you get to challenge yourself by entering the 24 hour race (even 12 hours is a top effort), you get to pester your friends and work colleges to sponsor you to help raise money to fight cancer.  Continue Reading →


Stuff it! Let’s Build our own Sports Boat – with Flashy Bits

Matt Kelly's building a new "Flashy" Shaw 650 for Tim Smith

Matt Kelly’s building a new “Flashy” Shaw 650 for Tim Smith

A home build to order. A bit like Maca’s doing home delivery – an appealing idea at 3am but you wouldn’t think someone would actually do it. 

Mathew Kelly, who sails on and helps manage the Kiss machine for owner Greg Scherwinski in Melbourne has started a new build for local Sporty sailor Tim Smith.  This will bring the Shaw 650 fleet in Victoria to five boats (Audi Stig, Monkey’s, Porn Star & Tickey Boo) which will all hopefully line up for the ASBA Nationals at the CYCA in Sydney in early January 2015 and the Festival of Sail in Geelong four weeks later.  Continue Reading →


Slingshot. The Movie


It was an action packed day  Pic - Shirley Wodson

It was an action packed day
Pic – Shirley Wodson

Leroy and the crew on Slingshot (Leech 650) had a big day out during Airlie Beach Race Week and some smokin rides in a three hour passage race. Unfortunately all good things seem to have an end.  Top effort gents, you get our “Talk it Up” Award for the event.
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