Elliott 770 – “Chicken Lips”

FullSizeRender-3 (1)Mark should probably win a “talk it Up” award for his boat “Novel” – there is at least one guarantee in here that may be hard to test. 

Having a boat trailer that can survive a nuclear blast and being from Wagga, perhaps he should rename his new E780 “Cockroach” but he did buy it from Queensland, so things aren’t all bad for him. 

Get onto this one. It has Bits. 

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“Octopussy” – Shaw 650

ORCV Melbourne to Launceston/Hobart Yacht Races 2013

The West Australian Shaw 650 Octopussy has been a regular at ASBA events around the country over the last 3 years and is relectantly up for sale. She has a great race record and being owned by a sailmaker, the odd sail or three. The boat is presently in Mona Vale, just north of Sydney, and is ready to race. 

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It’s a new financial year.

Greece has defaulted.

Your shares are down the toilet. 

It’s Dry July. 

In summary – Essentially the world economy is stuffed, you’re worth 30% less than yesterday and you can’t drink to drown your sorrows.  Continue Reading →


Leech 650 – “Slingshot”

Telcoinabox Airlie Beach Race Week 2012With the sudden passing of owner, Bob McCamley, a few months ago,  family and friends are assisting Bob’s wife in selling his beloved Sports Boat. The boat has competed at the Winter Nationals and the Bay to Bay recently and is presently stored at the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club. The Sailing Manager, Paul Blundell is the first point of call if you want to have a look or get more information. 

The boat essentially has everything and some, especially with regard to sails. Let’s keep it sailing. Go for it.  Continue Reading →


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