ASBA Members Meeting

The ASBA executive team have been working on a plan to improve membership and participation numbers. This is a consultative process and we will be canvassing members of the association to agree a way forward.

A consultation meeting with our members will be held at Geelong Race week on Friday January 20th, 2017 to discuss:
• Our objectives and role as an Association.
• Heavy vs light sports boats
• Ability of sports boat to self-right.
• The role of the SMS rating system
• Our regatta program
• Communication and engagement
• Attracting new members

The invitation is extended to fully paid up members as at December 31st, 2016 and other key stakeholders such as Yacht Racing Services (owner of SMS rating system). If you wish to be involved, please apply for membership here.

We understand that this may provoke discussion so feel free to email us at