ASBA 2014 National Titles – Fremantle Sailing Club, Western Australia


In January 2014 the ASBA National Titles are heading West. Western Australia, West. To the location of the 1987 America’s Cup and the stretch of water known as Gage Roads. An ideal location for some great Sports Boat racing – wind, waves and a few breweries.

The Notice of Race has been released for a number of months now and in the last few days, the GO button has been pressed on the entry system.

It’s only right that the first entry be the current ASBA President’s boat, The Ducks Nuts.

The Ducks Nuts  Sending it  Photo - Ross Davidson
The Ducks Nuts
Sending it
Photo – Ross Davidson

The local fleet is building with new boats due to arrive and second-hand boats changing hands. Hot Gossip from South Australia has also been sold and moved to West Aust.

Boats and crews from the East coast are now booking their accommodation and in some cases shipping containers to get themselves on the starting line for January 2.

The first of these being Crank and Tickety Boo who are travelling in the same container. Other East coast crews have organised charter boats from local owners for the Titles.

The Fremantle Sailing Club has outstanding facilities and a growing Sports Boat fleet. They can’t wait for the action to begin.

This is an event on every Sports Boat sailors bucket list. Now is your chance to get organised and cross an item off it.

Octopussy  Photo - Bernie Kaaks
Photo – Bernie Kaaks

All the entry and event information is in the Regatta & Results section of the web site here.

ASBA wants to talk to anyone keen on racing in the event and will be looking to assist both financially and with the organisation of boats/crews.

This is not an event you can rock up to from Brisbane on the spare of the moment. The Sports Boat record is 36 hours from Perth to Melbourne, so there is a few km’s to travel from the East coast. You need to start planning and as Kev says, “we’re here to help”.

Get organised and come for a sail.